SINCE February 2020, Traveloka has experienced a drastic increase in requests for assistance from users, especially for refunds and rescheduling flight and hotel tickets, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Dionisius Nathaniel, Chief Marketing Officer Traveloka said that with a volume reaching 10 times compared to normal situations, the Traveloka Customer Operations Team serves up to thousands of requests for help every minute, whether by telephone, email, application, social media, or other channels, which submitted by Traveloka users in various countries.

“At present, the difference in information received by users from Traveloka and partners is one of the questions that users often question. In an effort to ensure transparency of information, Traveloka urges users to always check the Terms & Conditions set by each partner and ensure the conditions stated on the e-voucher owned by users,” Dionisius Nathaniel said.

Nathaniel said as an online booking platform, please note that Traveloka always follows the policies set by the partners, including airlines, hotels, and others. The policies set by the partners are the main basis for Traveloka in the refund/rescheduling procedure before being able to further process user requests.

“Meanwhile, for submitting requests for assistance with specific situations and conditions, Traveloka will send a separate escalation to the relevant partners for later evaluation and further consideration together, Dionisius Nathaniel noted.

Nathaniel explained again, we would like to convey an apology to the users for the inconvenience experienced when making requests for assistance to Traveloka. At present, we are strengthening customer services to better serve users.

Dionisius also said that cooperation from various parties is needed to avoid potential differences in information received by users.

Users can choose the booking they want to reschedule or refund and choose Manage Booking to continue the process. If there is other information needed, the user can access the Inbox and select the Ask Our Team menu. Traveloka also provides detailed information on the official Instagram account regarding various questions regarding refund or rescheduling issues that are often submitted by users. []