PT Indonesia Tourism Development (Persero) or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) ensures the construction of the world’s first highway circuit for MotoGP at the Mandalika International Street Circuit in the Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara continues to run amid the spread of the corona virus pandemic or corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“We make sure that until now the Mandalika Circuit development process continues and runs normally according to the planned timeline and is targeted to be completed on schedule by the end of 2020,” Director of ITDC Abdulbar M Mansoer said in Mataram.

He explained, currently the overall progress of development has reached 30%, with still focusing on ground work. In detail, the earthworks that have been carried out include land clearing which reached 426,375 M2 or 81.24%, the installation of circumferential precast concrete fence has reached 5,177 Meters or 82.83%, track earth excavation is 180,824 M3 or 79.71%, while landfill work reached 69,206 M3 or 18.34%.

“We also ensure that the work on the Mandalika Circuit project is carried out by always complying with the COVID-19 prevention procedures/protocols issued by the government, namely by maintaining sanitation and environmental hygene levels, examining body temperature, familiarizing hand washing, using PPE as well as implementing physical distancing,” he explained.

The State Owner Enterprises developer of the Nusa Dua tourism area, Bali and The Mandalika, NTB stated that earthwork is an important part of the Mandalika Circuit construction. To make the Mandalika Circuit in accordance with regulations and standards of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM)

The work on the Mandalika Circuit is divided into a number of parts/stages that need to be prepared. First, the work on the main track (main track), where the track along the 4.31 km is dug with a depth of one meter for the foundation. Second, making service road on the right and left of the track, third is the aggregate foundation layer or broken stone, fourth is drainage.

For the fifth stage is asphalting. The asphalt work will be carried out with three layers of asphalt pavement namely asphalt concrete-base layer, asphalt concrete-binder course layer, and asphalt concrete-wearing course layer.

Sixth, making asphalt berm or verge on the right and left side of the track that serves as the shoulder of the road and as a visual sign for the riders to the outer and inner boundaries of the bend (before the run off).

Next, the seventh is the detail of service road construction, the eighth is the run-off area consisting of 3 types of surfaces, namely asphalt, gravel bed, and grass. Run offs are built at every bend with a combination of the three types of run offs to ensure the safety of the riders. Ninth is a tunnel (tunnel) for access into the middle of the circuit.

The construction of the Mandalika Circuit also requires a high level of precision work to comply with standards set by FIM and meet DORNA’s expectations to later make the Mandalika Circuit as a reference for high-safety and safety road circuits.

“We are grateful for the support that has been given by all parties to us. The construction of the Mandalika Circuit, as one of the main elements in organizing MotoGP at The Mandalika in 2021, can run smoothly according to the planned schedule thanks to the support of the central government, through the Ministry and “Related institutions, regional government support, and BUMN synergy,” Abdulbar said.

As is known, the government provides support through the Ministry and BUMN, including the construction of direct access road/bypass along the 17.39 KM with the Right of Way (ROW) road as wide as 50 meters from Lombok International Airport (BIL) to The Mandalika by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

Increase in runway length, cargo upgrade and accessibility, apron expansion and taxiway widening and promotion activities at Lombok International Airport conducted by Angkasa Pura I, cargo and cruise facility development by Pelindo III and ASDP, addition of electricity capacity in the region by State Electricity Company, and opening New bus routes serving a number of areas in Lombok to The Mandalika by DAMRI.

“In the midst of the situation currently being experienced by the Indonesian people due to the Corona outbreak, we see the amount of government and community support for the planned implementation of the MotoGP in 2021 at The Mandalika. Therefore, we are optimistic that the construction of the Mandalika Circuit will not be hampered and can be completed according to plan the time has been set,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]