PT BLUE Bird Tbk ensures the readiness of the means of transportation that will be used by medical personnel to mobilize from the hospital to the hotel that has been prepared for them in undergoing the task of handling the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama when reviewing transportation facilities prepared by PT Blue Bird Tbk, Tuesday (3/31) said, the most important thing in this collaboration was to ensure the readiness of transportation parties in implementing the Standards Health Operational Procedure (SOP) established by the Ministry of Health in line with WHO standardization.

“In order to be able to provide security and comfort for medical personnel in carrying out their duties as the frontline in handling COVID-19 outbreaks, the application of this health standard is the main thing that must be considered,” Wishnutama said.

Ministry of Tourism previously cooperated with hotels and also providers of transportation facilities to provide lodging and transportation for medical personnel. This collaboration is in line with the Presidential Instruction No. 4 of 2020 concerning Refocusing activities, budget reallocation, and procurement of goods and services to accelerate the handling of COVID-19.

Starting from the health check of the drivers, procedures for cleaning and sterilizing Blue Bird taxis, as well as procedures for cleaning and sterilizing BigBird buses. Wishnutama also ensures that PT Blue Bird Tbk has implemented health procedures well and is ready to undergo this collaboration.

He said, currently Indonesia was struggling hard to face the COVID-19 pandemic. So that support is needed from each party to carry out health procedures properly as an anticipatory step.

“So that it not only provides a sense of security and comfort for medical personnel, but also transportation workers who are on duty later,” Wishnutama said.

Transportation is an important part of the tourism industry which is currently affected by the spread of COVID-19. It is hoped that this cooperation can also maintain the sustainability of the transportation industry in the midst of the emergency response conditions of COVID-19.

Meanwhile Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk, Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono, said that his party had prepared transportation for around 260 people with a composition of 7 (seven) buses and 1 (one) minibus vehicle that would mobilize medical personnel from the Army Hospital to a predetermined inn.

Regarding health procedures, Sigit said, PT Blue Bird Tbk as the leading transportation provider in Indonesia, has taken a series of preventive measures to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers when traveling using the transportation services of Blue Bird Group.

Before operating to serve the community, drivers and employees will pass through the spray booth and check body temperature. If a complaint is found, it will be directed to the doctor at each clinic in the BlueBird pool.

Every time the vehicle finishes operating, cleaning and washing of the vehicle are also carried out. Including vacuum and disinfectant spraying carried out by special officers.

“We also provide hand sanitizers and hand glove on each vehicle and reusable masks from Kartini Blue Bird, an entrepreneurship training center consisting of the wife and daughter of Blue Bird drivers, which will be given to each Blue Bird driver,” Sigit said.

Likewise, President Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk, Noni Purnomo, said Blue Bird took seriously in anticipating the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“We hope the effort in maintaining the level of cleanliness of the cabin of this car can provide a sense of comfort and safety for passengers before being delivered safely to the destination. Especially in our involvement with Kemenparekraf supporting medical personnel as the front guard in handling COVID-19,” Noni Purnomo said.

She added, A series of preventive measures had been taken by the company to ensure the safety of both employees, drivers and users of the Blue Bird Group services. We hope this step can further enhance the level of hygiene and cleanliness in the Blue Bird Group environment including our fleets. []