CITILINK Indonesia airline resumed operations on Friday, May 8, 2020 for domestic route flights, however, the airline applied various conditions for prospective passengers.

According to Citilink Indonesia’s Corporate Secretary & CSR VP Resty Kusandarina said strict policies were applied to prospective passengers to complete travel documents that must be uploaded at the time of ticket purchase. Among these is a health certificate and COVID-19-free from the hospital.

“Not only that, here are some documents that must be prepared by prospective Citilink Indonesia passengers before getting a ticket; (1). COVID-19 health certificate and free from hospital, (2). Letter of assignment from offices and related institutions, (3). Travel statement and various other supporting documents,” Resty said.

Resty added, in addition to being uploaded when buying tickets on the website, prospective passengers were also required to show the completeness of the original physical documents when checking in. In addition, passengers are also required to have a return ticket.

These requirements, continued Resty, refer to the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 25 of 2020 concerning transportation control during the 1441 Hijriyah homecoming season. And referring to the Circular Task Force for the Acceleration of COVID-19 No. 4 of 2020 and the circular letter of the Director General of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transportation No. 31 of 2020.

“The domestic flight service is also specifically for customers who travel official, repatriate Indonesian citizens, students, migrant workers, or return home for special reasons. Likewise, patients who need emergency health services and customers whose families are seriously ill or die while still implementing the applicable health protocols,” Resty Kusandarina concluded. [ speciall]