KUALANAMU International Airport in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province has established a new procedure for departing airplane passengers to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Executive General Manager PTA Branch Office Angkasa Pura II Kualanamu International Airport, Djodi Prasetyo, in a written statement received in Medan, mentioning passengers allowed to travel and the conditions that must be fulfilled are listed in Circular Letter (SE) Number 4 of 2020 concerning Criteria for Restricting the Travel of Men in the Framework of Accelerating Handling of COVID-19 issued by the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling of COVID-19.

He said, commercial airlines scheduled domestic routes were again allowed to operate carrying passengers since May 7, 2020 to overcome COVID-19 in Indonesia. This new procedure is implemented in all airports managed by the company by adjusting the situation and conditions on the ground.

“The new procedure for processing passenger departures was established to ensure the fulfillment of the terms and conditions in SE Number 4 of 2020 from the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 and SE Number 31 of 2020 issued by the Directorate General of Air Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation,” he said.

He added, the new procedure was carried out strictly with detailed stages, and it was urged that prospective aircraft passengers were present at the airport 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure.

This new procedure can also be implemented because of intensive coordination from all airport stakeholders such as the Port Health Office, Airport Authorities, TNI and Polri, Airlines, and other parties.

“In Kualanamu International Airport is one of the gateways of airports in Indonesia, especially the entrance in North Sumatra, which is implementing new procedures, and has also been implemented for domestic flight passengers during the Eid period,” he noted.

Prasetyo explained that the new procedure at Kualanamu International Airport was that the departure service point was at the Departure Terminal there was a COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Control Command Post which was part of the COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Handling Task Force.

Then, at the Command Post prospective passengers must show the complete travel documents such as flight tickets, identification, COVID-19 free certificate, travel certificate, and other documents that must be fulfilled in accordance with SE Number 4 of 2020.

Still at the same post prospective aircraft passengers are required to fill out a Health Alert Card (HAC) and an epidemiological investigation form provided by KKP personnel.

If all files are complete and the HAC and epidemiological forms have been filled out, then the prospective passenger goes to the second inspection table. On the examination table, all files are re-checked as well as the HAC and epidemiological investigation forms by the KKP personnel. After being declared complete, the prospective passenger will get Letter of clearance from KKP personnel.

Armed with a letter of clearance and all the files, the prospective passenger then goes to the check-in counter to get a boarding pass. After the check-in counter, the passenger then goes to the Security Check Point (SCP) 2.

At SCP 2, Aviation Security personnel will check the letter of clearance held by the prospective passenger of the aircraft, boarding pass, and identification. Passengers then head to the boarding lounge.

“This procedure is also applied at other airports managed by PT Angkasa Pura II, so that certain provisions can be met,” he concluded. [antaranews]