DEMAND for consumers who have to change schedules or request a refund due to the COVID-19 pandemic is still the main focus of travel agencies in Indonesia.

According to Head of Marketing, Transport, Traveloka Andhini Putri said they were still focused on meeting user requests related to refunds and rescheduling. The number of employees for the customer service team at Traveloka plus 340 people to serve user requests.

“We also continuously improve our back-end system to make it easier and provide convenience to users in submitting refunds or rescheduling through our application,” Andhini said.

At the same time was done by Golden Rama Tours & Travel which focused on serving consumers and reducing the level of complaints to a minimum.

Head of Marcomm’s Golden Rama Tours & Travel, Ricky Hilton said health and safety as well as maintaining consumer confidence. We build engagement and continue to be passionate that they will continue to see that tourism is something that has been eagerly awaited, this is maintained in terms of communication.

“The focus of the business shifts from looking for profits through ticket sales to providing effective services amid uncertainty that has a major impact on the tourism industry,” he added.

Meanwhile Gaery Undarsa’s Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder Gaery Undarsa said all levels from directors to the lowest staff in all teams are thinking of ways to help consumers. I am sure that tourism actors can get back on their feet and pass the pandemic together. Nobody knows exactly when the pandemic ends and the tourism industry returns to normal.

Gaery remains optimistic, despite preparing to face the worst situation if the impact was felt until the end of 2020. All you can do is prepare yourself so that you can immediately rise when the time comes. On the other hand, the pandemic is being used by travel agents to improve and renew services in the future.

“Our company in this phase transformed from the service side. We improved the infrastructure lines, in terms of technology, innovation, service. We ensured how our services met excellent innovation standards,” Ricky concluded. [antaranews/photo special]