THE COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has had quite a serious impact on the tourism industry and one of them is the hotel business, dozens of hotels throughout Indonesia have been forced to cease operations due to this situation and the number of workers who have been laid off and affected by Termination of Labor due to COVID-19.

According to Ninik Haryanti, DHM’s Corporate Public Relations Manager said earlier on April 20, 2020, Dafam Hotel Management (DHM) carried out the Dafam Care movement by distributing groceries and cash simultaneously in all units in Indonesia under the auspices of PT DHM.

“Through the Dafam Peduli program, DHM resumed social activities on May 18 by distributing holiday allowances (THR) for surrounding communities who are in need, this time DHM prepared 250 envelopes distributed in the city of Semarang led directly by DHM CEO Andhy Irawan, in the city of Yogyakarta led by Managing Director of DHM Handono S Putro, in Jakarta by GM Operations Aditya A. Wirakusuma, in Bali led by Desak Lia Haryati Assistant GM Sales Bali Office, and in Bandung led by Irawan Trimulia GM of Sales DHM,” Ninik said.

She explained, this activity was ended by opening together with each team in the four cities and still following the COVID-19 protocol. Dafam Peduli is a vehicle for aspirations for the spirit and awareness of corporate social responsibility for humanity, which is packaged in various inspiring activities and campaigns.

“Dafam Peduli is a manifestation as well as 2 (two) corporate values, namely the principle of caring for others and the environment and benefits for family, community, nation and country. Hopefully our concern for others in Dafam’s values ​​is truly in our hearts and our behavior and what we do makes merit for us all, for our company together and God always protects us all,” Ninik Haryanti concluded. []