IT HAS been two months since the malls in Jakarta were closed due to the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), now the mall is rumored to be re-opened on 8 June.

According to Ellen Hidayat, Chairperson of the Jakarta Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI), DKI Jakarta said that when the mall starts operating, the manager is ready at any time, but we need certainty from the DKI Provincial Government to remember that to start reopening a shopping center cannot be done if the tenants not ready.

“It takes a maximum of about one week before the opening date is done for tenants to prepare employees and also raw materials for the food and beverage category to be able to start their business,” she said.

Ellen Hidayat explained, following a series of health protocols if the shopping center re-operated.

First a check-point of body temperature measurement is prepared at all entrances. Mall employees and visitors are required to wear masks.

“All mall and tenant employees wear reasonable body armor according to the characteristics of the type of industry. In addition, hand sanitizers are prepared in several access areas and also in public areas,” Ellen said.

In addition, there will be a distance regulation so that consumers follow social distancing procedures if there is a queue either in the elevator/travelator or in the escalator and in other areas. Seats in the dining area will also be arranged.

“The other tenants are also asked to set up procedures so that there is social distancing in accordance with the category of business being run, for example for the cashier area, (details of the implementation will be carried out in each tenant),” she noted.

She affirmed, besides that, routine disinfectant on mall areas would still be carried out. The manager also said there would be no age limit for mall visitors. Visitors over 45 years are still permitted to visit the mall.

“The mall management association never planned to limit the age of visitors or never planned to discriminate age for visitors. When there is news circulating about it, then the news comes from irresponsible parties,” Ellen concluded. [antaranews/photo special]