DELIVEREE announces the launch of a shopping service, you can use their popular application on mobile to choose the store or convenience store you want, make a shopping list, and order a personal shopper.

According to Tom Kim, Deliveree Indonesia’s Country Director said in a matter of minutes, Deliveree can assign a personal shopper closest to the location of the store you chose. Personal shopper new 2020 You will immediately visit the shop, find the items you need, and send them directly to your location.

“This is a very creative and new alternative to traditional online vegetable shopping available in the market today. Many of the benefits of this service such as; Choose any store or supermarket that you want, make a shopping list that contains whatever items you want while it fits in an economy car, order whenever the store is still open, including weekends and holidays,” he said.

He added, not to mention you pay according to the actual cost of goods plus affordable service fees and we never raise or mark-up the price of the item, still be able to communicate with your shopper at any time via live chat and telephone from our application, and this shipment is delivery without contact.

“Customers only pay the actual cost of the goods plus the affordable Deliveree new 2020 service fee. Service fees will be clearly stated in the application before you confirm the order. We have never raised the prices of goods,” he noted.

He also explained, the current health crisis requires creative solutions where families can continue to get supplies of food and daily necessities without having to visit a very crowded supermarket directly. This is where Deliveree’s personal shopper needed to help with all the expenses you need, as an alternative to online vegetable shopping or supermarket online.

“And the best part of this is that you can shop whenever you want, in any shop, and as many items as you want as long as they fit in an economy car. And the main safety – our shopper wears a mask and hygienic gloves and all of these shipments are shipping without contact,” Tom Kim concluded.

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