TWENTY hotels and restaurants in Yogyakarta are reportedly planning to resume operations in early June despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Deddy Pranowo Eryono, head of the Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI] in his official press release said these hotels and restaurants] only have the strength to survive until June; hence they will try to resume operations although the demand is not yet high.

“The properties were required to prepare necessary facilities to implement the COVID-19 health protocols, such as sinks for handwashing and thermo guns. All employees should also be educated regarding the coronavirus,” he sid.

He explained that the employees must have the knowledge on COVID-19 protocols in order to avoid them spreading the disease instead. We really need to be cautious about this as the risks are high. Staying guests will also be required to provide a health certificate, which can be obtained from either a hospital or health clinic in their hometown or Yogyakarta.

“The hotels would not be renting all of their available rooms as each time a guest checked out, their room would be sprayed with disinfectant and closed for at least one day. Hotels that are not ready to implement COVID-19 protocols should not resume their operations yet,” Deddy noted.

He continued that we have to maintain discipline and remain cautious,” he said, adding that the association was particularly eyeing visitors from out of town who could not return to their homes and needed a place to self-isolate. [sources/photo traveltext]