MISSION Blue declared the Marine Protected Area (KKP), Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali as a Hope Spot in order to continue to improve its management effectiveness.

According to the founder of Mission Blue, Dr. Sylvia Earle, in her press statement said ideally, to recover all that has been lost, we need to establish large places where we cannot take the flora and fauna that are there.

“However, it is important for us to appreciate coastal communities that have long been earning a living from taking marine flora and fauna. It aims to continue to do what they usually do. It is intended that the public can also see the condition of Nusa Penida in the big picture so that they can find the right method for environmental conservation in a good way,” she said.

Sylvia Earle added, the Nusa Penida Water Conservation Area is home to 300 types of coral and more than 500 species of reef fish.

Meanwhile the Head of the Bali Provincial KKP Technical Management Unit, Nengah Bagus Sugiarta, explained that the existence of the KKP was very important for the local community because the utilization of the area could be managed sustainably.

“The management unit focuses on managing and supporting marine and coastal ecosystems for a sustainable future. In addition, the management unit supports the KKP through a zoning system that controls community activities in the seven existing zones,” Sugiarta noted.

He explained that the Nusa Penida MPA became an example of the application of adat and science in the management of marine resources. In addition, Nusa Penida has a unique position to inspire and influence the general public to care about marine resources in Indonesia and in the Coral Triangle region.

“The existence of Nusa Penida acts as a gateway to many aspects of marine conservation and management, ranging from the impacts of climate change to coral reefs, protection of rare, threatened and protected flora and fauna, ecosystem management, community involvement, implementation of zoning systems and others,” Sugiarta said.

Coral Triangle Center Executive Director, Rili Djohanin added that Hope Spot Nusa Penida Waters Conservation Area has the potential to inspire thousands of tourists, students and the world as a learning site of the Coral Triangle Center.

In this case, the role is to provide an example of the function of the Water Conservation Area in Indonesia that can be formed collaboratively and managed effectively through collaboration between the community, business people, non-government organizations, and the government.

“At the Coral Triangle Center, we believe in taking concrete actions to save the sea, build capacity and provide the tools needed to implement effective conservation actions and have a good impact, not only on the marine ecosystem but also on the people who depend on it,” Rili Djohani concluded. [antaranews]