AIRASIA has decided to extend the validity period of its consumer credit account or airline ticket for up to 2 years. This rule applies to scheduled departure of passengers until July 31, 2020, including applies to credit accounts that have been previously received

That way, AirAsia customers who have booked tickets on March 23, 2020 until July 31, 2020 can take advantage of the Credit Account compensation option with a validity period of up to 2 years.

According to the official press release stating another option is the flexibility of changing unlimited flight schedules until 31 October 2020.  All Credit Accounts that have been received due to the impact of COVID-19 will also be given an automatic extension of the validity period of up to 2 years for subsequent trips.

To be clear, customers who meet the requirements can choose the following compensation:

• Air Asia customers can change flight schedules to other dates until 31 October 2020 on the same route, can be done unlimitedly and without additional costs, according to seat availability, or

• Customers can take advantage of credit accounts. Customers can get a deposit worth the ticket price in an AirAsia BIG account that can be used to purchase the next AirAsia ticket. Credit accounts can be used for ticket bookings with departure dates at any time up to 730 calendar days (2 years) from the time they are issued as long as the flight is available on

Air Asia customers can check the COVID-19 guide for information on how to propose travel compensation options available through AVA available at or

In the next few weeks, all valid Credit Accounts that have been received but not yet used by customers affected by COVID-19 will also be automatically extended to 2 years, so customers do not need to make any submissions.

However, the submission of compensation is only valid for customers who place an order through or the AirAsia application.

“For customers who book through a group desk or through a travel agent, please contact their respective booking agent for further assistance,” said the official statement of AirAsia.

Because demand for change is booming, AirAsia requests patience and customer cooperation to be able to provide an opportunity to serve customers with an earlier departure date. [sources/photo special]