PT AirAsia Indonesia will adjust scheduled flights for international and domestic routes in stages. Adjustments for certain routes will begin on 8 June 2020.

According to Director of AirAsia Indonesia Veranita Yosephine Sinaga in a press release said potential passengers affected by this change have received cancellation notices along with information on compensation options via email and SMS that were registered when purchasing tickets.

“AirAsia Indonesia appealed to all passengers who will fly to always pay attention and meet health, immigration and travel restrictions set by the regional authority or government in the region or country of origin or destination,” she said

She added, all domestic and international travel document requirements from or to Indonesia along with safety provisions and procedures can be accessed through the AirAsia Joint Flying Guide During the COVID-19 Precautions periodically updated.

“In addition, all guests are advised to ensure their departure terminal. Because, there are changes to the temporary terminal for domestic and international flights at several airports. All passengers are also expected to continue to monitor the requirements of domestic and international travel documents from and to Indonesia as well as safety provisions and procedures,” Veranita Sinaga noted.

She explained, all guests were also advised to reassure their departure terminals due to changes in the temporary terminal for domestic and international flights at several airports.

“AirAsia will continue to monitor the development of the situation and will take the anticipatory steps needed to restart its flight services. The company’s steps are in line with the government’s plan that is preparing to transition to a new normal order. In that period, economic activities will be carried out side by side with efforts to prevent the spread of the corona virus pandemic,” Veranita concluded. [photo special]