SPREADING positive energy and optimism is a vigorous strategy carried out by travel agents amid the limitations of the tourism business to welcoming the new normal.

Although people can’t travel freely yet, online travel agencies have offered various discounts to people who can’t wait to prepare for a vacation when the corona virus (COVID-19) storm has passed.

Discounted price and flexibility to request a refund if the conditions change at any time to become the current travel agency offer.’s online travel agency offers discounts for a minimum of seven nights’ stay at domestic hotels until the period of August 2020.

Discounts also apply to hotel bookings in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for the August-October 2020 period. Users with certain payment methods can get discounts of up to IDR500,000 in buying airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals to domestic and international attractions. provides discounts on airplane and hotel ticket purchases with certain payment methods, also promotes hotel bookings where users can request a refund if an order is canceled.

The same thing is practiced by Traveloka, in addition to giving discounts for hotel bookings, this online travel agency provides discounts for hotel rooms for medical personnel.

Not only that, they also offer discounted prices for services such as spas, beauty clinics, amusement parks, playgrounds to movie theater tickets that can be used later on.

Tourists estimate people will be more inclined to vacation to a nearby place or staycation when the situation has returned to normal. The change that will be felt after the pandemic is the rise of consumers who want a vacation to a location not too far away. [antaranews/photo special]