IMAGINE sleeping on a comfortable hotel bed, but instead of the cold air from the air conditioner, the nose breathes in fresh air, the face is stroked by the gentle breeze and the eyes enjoy stunning views without being blocked by anything.

Two Swiss artists offer seven hotel rooms open this summer in “showrooms” in eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Guests “appear” without the audience by staying on a soft bed with a beautiful view in front.

At a cost of 295 Swiss francs (IDR4.3 million) overnight, guests can enjoy the services of white-gloved “modern servants”, usually local farmers who wear Wellington jeans and boots.

The “Zero Real Estate” project, created by twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and their colleague Daniel Charbonnier, provides hospitality services through a traditional approach in a country known as luxury resorts on the mountain and lakeside.

“The idea of ​​’Zero Real Estate’ is to make other people as performers who appear in the concept of real estate without hotel rooms,” Frank Riklin was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“Corona virus pandemic can make this concept more interesting. Rooms without walls and roofs also show freedom. Maybe there is no other place to enjoy the rooms with the best air flow in the summer in Switzerland besides this place, “said Patrik.

Guests do not need to worry if it suddenly rains. They can take shelter in a shelter at a local farm or barn. [antaranews]