A NUMBER of countries and regions in the world are implementing a number of innovative measures to tempt tourists back to their hotels, restaurants and tourist sites after the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed the tourism industry.

Reporting from Female First steps to tempt the tourists are diverse, from free flights to free food. Here are a number of countries that are tempting tourists to come, and revive the tourism industry.


Sicily is usually not difficult to attract tourists, but the pandemic that occurs makes it different. At present, the local government offers subsidies to visitors who are willing to travel internationally to Sicily. As many as 75 million euros have been promised to help the Sicilian tourism industry alone.

Visitors can expect everything from flights at half-price to vouchers going to tourist sites, and one-night accommodations paid by the state.


Apart from the chaos caused by COVID-19, the Pyramids found in Egypt – undeniably – have an appeal. At present, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has halved the entrance fee to all archeological sites and museums throughout the country. Not only that, they also cut tourist visas from US$25 to US$15 to visit Luxor and Aswan in June – August.

The hotels there now implement health protocols to avoid COVID-19, such as using check-in without contact or using a disposable pen, carrying out mandatory sterilization before reopening, and having local health specialists available at all times.

Las Vegas

The city does not provide much for free to tourists, but Derek Stevans, who owns 2 of the biggest casinos there, has found an unfamiliar way to lure customers back.

Last week, the millionaire bought up 1,000 one-way flights to Las Vegas from a number of cities in the United States, and anyone who wanted it had to scramble through his site. The strategy seemed to work, remembering that in just a few hours 1,000 tickets were up for grabs by people.


Late last month, the Japan Tourism Agency launched the Go To Travel Campaign, a series of large prospective incentives that would cut travel costs for tourists. According to one local news agency, Kyodo, the government will give 20,000 yen per day to potential tourists.


Greece is one of the countries in the world that offers tourism incentives for international tourists. The Greek government has promised tax for transportation including flights to Greece will be lowered.

Greece, which has been very responsive since the outbreak of the pandemic, initially wanted to open tourism as of 1 July 2020. However, the schedule was advanced to 15 June 2020 as airports in Athens and Thesalonikki were active again.


Quoted from an official statement issued by the Maldives Ministry of Tourism dated May 30, 2020, recently stated that the country is ready to welcome tourists from Asian countries, including India, China, South Korea and Sri Lanka, and in the East The middle.

A number of global airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways are also said to be starting commercial operations and tourists who arrive by private plane or cruise ship are also allowed into the country.

However, the country would not entertain guests from 12 countries, including Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While visitors who come to the country will not be charged additional fees. [sources/photo special]