GARUDA Indonesia airlines will adjust their flight schedules to the routes run by the company. The reason is that the existing schedule is considered less attention to the needs of passengers so that the impact on aircraft carrying capacity.

According to Garuda Indonesia’s President Director Irfan Setiaputra said many passengers who could have been riding with Garuda Indonesia chose to take another airline or could not enjoy their trip with Garuda because the flight hours were less favorable (support).

“This is what we are reviewing the schedule, we change the procedure, here and there in such a way that the experience is more enjoyable. This happens on both flights to foreign destinations and tourist destinations in the country, so it’s no wonder Garuda flights often do not reach full capacity when leaving or returning to their destination,” he said.

He added, the most real example of my child is in the Netherlands, I always use Garuda to go to the Netherlands if I pay the office, because it is expensive. But what I want to say, I arrived in the Netherlands early in the morning, leaving from the Netherlands to Jakarta direct at three in the afternoon.

“My family and I are very paranoid people flying, so a few hours before I had to be at the airport. Then do not want to rush, at 11 we were at the airport, 9 o’clock out of the hotel, still had time to enjoy free breakfast at the hotel,” Irfan noted.

He continued, now Garuda from Amsterdam at 11 am, for Indonesians to do early morning showering immediately leaving free breakfast at the hotel then directly going to the airport and having to come to the airport due to immigration.

“This is not suitable. Even though we come early in Amsterdam and come home from Amsterdam at night so we get out of the hotel at the check out time, continue to be able to walk, eat, shop and go to the airport,” he said.

The same thing happened with flights to Lombok and Bali, which were considered to be lacking the appropriate time for vacation time. Though both of these regions are busy holiday destinations in Indonesia.

Irfan said, it is very rare for domestic tourists from Jakarta-Lombok to use Garuda because of their unattractive flight hours. Even though other airlines can go full, go home full too.

He revealed that this flight hour adjustment not only affects the number of passengers, but also provides economic value for tourist destinations in Indonesia because tourists can spend even more funds. [sources/photo special]