UNLIKE a number of countries that provide incentives for tourists to come to their countries, Cambodia has a policy of attracting a sum of money for foreign tourists who want to come.

Reporting from, the Cambodian government will ask tourists to give money of US$3,000 as a new corona virus deposit or COVID-19 which includes costs if tourists are sick.

In addition to asking for a deposit, Cambodia also asked foreign tourists to show proof that they have health insurance worth US$50,000. The deposit of US$3,000 can be paid in cash or by credit card, and will be needed by tourists when they arrive at arrival terminals at Cambodian airports.

The Cambodian Ministry of Health has issued a complete outline regarding costs that might be incurred by tourists.

According to the Ministry of Health, the COVID-19 test is required to be around US$165 with details of US$100 for the test, US$5 to get to the testing center, and around US$60 for three meals and one night at the hotel or designated facility to wait results, which he said take about 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health continues to suggest a fee of around US$1,281 per person for two-week quarantine; This estimated cost includes staying at a designated hotel or quarantine center, food, laundry, and medical services, and will be deducted from a traveler’s deposit if someone else on their flight is positive.

If the tourists test themselves, and the results are positive, then they estimate US$330 per day spent at the hospital, and deducted from their deposit. The ministry noted that the funeral, in the case of corona virus-related deaths, would cost around US$1,500.

Compulsory proof of health insurance is required if travelers collect fees higher than the US$3,000 deposit. While tourists with negative test results COVID-19, will be charged for the test, and taken from the deposit. [sources/photo special]