COMMITTED to getting the world safely travelling again, Collinson, a global leader in travel experience and loyalty, and owner and operator of Priority Pass (the leading airport experiences program), a trio of new initiatives to boost health and safety for airport lounge staff and guests and pioneer the new era of contactless journey for the airport.

According to Andy Besant, Director of Travel Experiences at Collinson, said the initiatives include a new set of global health and safety standards for airport lounges within the Priority Pass network, a new digital solution to enable more socially-distant and touch-free food and beverage ordering in the lounge, and a further digital enhancement to enable a more contact-free entrance.

“As a privately-owned, US$1 Billion company, Collinson has more than 30 years’ experience delivering customer benefits and loyalty to some of the world’s leading brands within the financial services and travel sectors. Collinson’s investment in this trio of new initiatives is part of a global vision to help protect the safety and welfare of their clients’ customers, while ensuring airport lounges continue to provide a unique and personal experience – helping those who love to travel welcome the return of air travel with confidence,” Andy Besant said.

He explained that COVID-19 has radically altered what travelers need and expect from the airport journey. As a global leader in airport lounges and the travel journey, and operator of the market-leading airport experiences program Priority Pass as well as our own airport lounges under The Club and Club Aspire brands, we at Collinson are dedicated to developing new initiatives that ensure travelers feel safe and comfortable at the airport.

“We are now putting our unique passion and experience in travel towards developing robust solutions for airport wellbeing, which we believe is the best way to help drive a safe and effective recovery for the travel sector,” he added.

Collinson’s global airport lounge standards, as the world recovers from COVID-19, health and safety at the airport will be key to rebuilding traveler confidence and championing the travel sector recovery. In service to this, Collinson is now launching a set of global health and safety standards for airport lounges. The standards comprise a number of recommended steps.

Andy Besant continued, Collinson fully supports getting the world safely travelling again to unlock the value that travel brings, both to the economy, as well as to society at large. At the same time, there’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has indelibly changed how we think about health and safety at the airport.

“Via Collinson’s airport lounge standards and our new digital innovation for a contact-free experience, we look forward to championing the travel recovery while making health and wellbeing a priority,” Besant concluded. [PRNewswire/photo special]