DIFFERENCES in currency values ​​make holidays in a number of countries cheaper, and enough for longer periods. Not only that, these countries also have interesting and beautiful places to enjoy.

Reporting from, countries that have interesting and beautiful places, but also low cost such as Indonesia, Georgia, the Baltic, Meskiko, Argentina, and so on.


The first place that can be considered for a vacation is Indonesia. The most famous holiday destination at the moment is Bali. However, we can also consider other places in Indonesia besides Bali which can be a holiday destination at a much lower cost.

You can try the islands adjacent to Bali to enjoy holidays in Indonesia, such as Lombok and Java. Then there is the spectacular Komodo island and rural Flores or go farther to Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara or Sulawesi.

In Indonesia, you will find it from white sand beaches and savannahs, volcanoes spewing blue flames to remote rainforests where you can meet orangutans in the wild.

Indonesia is the most mandatory place in the world to be explored. Backpaker budget: US$25 a day (outside of Bali Island), middle class budget: US$50 a day.


Often overlooked in European travel routes, you will find three small Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania located between the Nordic countries and Russia.

Close your eyes, and the Baltic might remind you of Finland with its many forests, peat swamps, lakes and dark red painted cabins. People also like cross-country skiing, saunas and vodka.

Estonia, in particular, is a post-Soviet success story. Those who say Estonia is expensive may only visit the center of Tallinn, which is half a square kilometer with high rates for tourists.

Elsewhere, you can still have dinner for under 7 Euros or hotel rooms from 30 to 40 Euros per night. It might not be the cheapest in the world, but an extraordinary offer compared to expensive Scandinavia. Backpacker budget: US$35 a day, Middle class budget: US$70 a day.

Georgia (Caucasus)

This small country in the Caucasus is a country that you might hear more in the years to come. This country is one of the amazing destinations and easy to visit. Not only that, the cost of a vacation in this country is also quite cheap.

An eccentric capital, where the facades of traditional Georgian houses made of wood stand next to Soviet-era architecture and bold contemporary designs.

Tbilisi is a little jumbled with crazy architecture, but has extraordinary energy that will definitely make you want to stay longer. There are enough things to do in Tbilisi to keep you busy for days.

From Tbilisi, you can explore the amazing Caucasian mountains, soak your feet in the Black Sea, and visit ancient hilltop monasteries (and some of them in caves) throughout the country.

You can easily find backpacker dorms for US$5 or budget rooms for US$15 per night. With an easy-to-obtain 1-year visa, Georgia can become the next digital nomad hotspot. Backpacker budget: US$20 a day, Middle class budget: US$40 a day


Mexico is a travel destination that is often misunderstood. Not infrequently Mexico is described as an insecure country.

In fact, most of Mexico is very safe for tourists to visit, and there is a lot of culture and adventure to do.

The classic itinerary runs from busy Mexico City to Oaxaca and Chiapas, ending in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The falling value of the Mexican peso allows you to get almost twice as many pesos per US Dollar or Euro today than it was 5 years ago. Backpacker budget: US$40 a day, Middle class budget: US$60 a day.


Poor Argentina. Its economy experiences more ups and downs than yo-yos. But for foreign travelers with Western currencies, a vacation to Argentina is very cheap.

At the time of writing, backpacker dorms in the capital cost only US$7 per night, with basic private rooms starting at around US$25. Prices there are similar to Southeast Asia, while the level of development is similar to Europe or North America.

Argentina is a pleasant country to travel. Don’t skip to explore the north including Cordoba, Salta, Buenos Aires and the Iguacu epic waterfall.

Then, don’t also pass through the Patagonia mountain region at the southern tip, famous for its snowy peaks, glaciers, and opportunities to see penguins and whales. Backpacker budget: US$30 a day, Mid-range budget: US$50 a day. Note: Argentinian pesos fluctuate all the time. Be sure to check the latest situation. [ special]