THE condition of Indonesia, which is still struggling against the COVID-19 pandemic, does not dampen Sriwijaya Air’s enthusiasm to continue helping others.

According to Yuwan Eunike, Vice President of Commercial Sriwijaya Air said Sriwijaya Air in collaboration with the Rumah Harapan Melanie movement had moved a child from Merauke named Orlando Gerard Pesiwarisa who was only 7 years old and was in a state of illness and needed hospital treatment with more adequate health facilities to Wahidin Hospital in Makassar.

“The condition of Orlando, which needs special treatment, gets facilities from Sriwijaya Air which prepares stretchers and oxygen cylinders on the Merauke trip to Makassar. In addition, both of Orlando’s parents and medical personnel will also take part in the flight,” Yuwan said.

Yuwan Eunike revealed that this humanitarian activity was carried out as part of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) by helping deliver Orlando to get to Makassar and get better medical treatment.

“Sriwijaya Air is carrying out CSR activities by exerting our best abilities and experience to move the Orlando sister who is currently in need of further medical treatment to Wahidin Hospital in Makassar using SJ 6101 flight,” Yuwan noted.

Yuwan added, that handling Orlando during the trip would also comply with Sriwijaya Air’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in dealing with sick passengers and so far Sriwijaya Air also had enough experience running special flights like this.

“Sriwijaya Air does indeed have a patient transportation program by modifying the layout of the seats in the cabin so that it can place stretchers or patient beds that need special handling during the trip. In addition to seating, we also provide oxygen cylinders that can be used by patients while traveling to the destination city. We make sure patients get the best service typical of Sriwijaya Air from starting the process of picking up with an ambulance, then checking in at the airport until arriving at the destination city,” Yuwan affirmed.

Yuwan explained again, and in the midst of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Orlando delivery process also received more detailed handling than usual, of course in addition to complying with the SOP, the Sriwijaya Air team would also ensure that the delivery process of Orlando and his parents also continued to comply with the COVID-19 Health Protocol established by the government. []