THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes utilization of digital platforms and creative content can be an effective educational tool to attract tourists’ trust to return to travel in Indonesia.

According to the Deputy of Marketing for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Nia Niscaya explained that in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia was experiencing a lack of trust destination from foreign and domestic tourists. Gaining trust and confidence are the keys in accelerating the recovery of the tourism sector but this is not easy, it requires extraordinary efforts and cooperation from all of us.

“Based on data from the Sprinkler Analytic social listening tools, during the period 9-16 June 2020, there was a significant increase in other countries’ perceptions of Indonesia regarding the COVID-19 pandemic from previous months which was minus below zero, this week began to be positive, varied and present which is above 50%,” she said.

It is said, through this webinar is expected to inspire people to create creative vlogging content, especially in promoting the beauty and uniqueness of homeland tourism. Nusantara tourists are expected to become pioneers who popularized the new normal of Indonesian tourism based on the Cleanliness, Health, and Safety (CHS) protocol that we are currently preparing.

“Although prioritizing archipelago tourists in the near future, for communication to market countries, the Ministry of Tourism has also conducted a #DreamNow #TravelTomorrow campaign. That’s because the world’s population is very sensitive right now, overseas promotions will also be more voiced about #DreamNow while continuing to inspire for #TravelTomorrow,” Nia said.

She added, in Customer Journey, dreaming is one of the beginning, so to prepare for conditions when it is possible to travel, efforts to inspire consumers to continue to choose Indonesia need to continue through digital promotion.

“When COVID-19’s condition begins to subside and is conducive, people are expected to keep reminding each other to enforce health protocols. Learning from other countries that have successfully handled COVID-19 well, the ones who have risen first are domestic tourists,” Nia noted.

Likewise with Indonesia, she continued if conditions were conducive, domestic tourists would be hopeful, so Tourism Ministry made an #DiIndonesiaAja activation campaign that invited domestic tourists to tour within the country while still enforcing the CHS protocol.

Nia explained, to build trust in Indonesian destinations, the application of the CHS protocol is being prepared, supported by the reference to the application of health protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and downgraded into the health protocol guidelines for the tourism sector and the creative economy, which include digital handbooks and creative content creation. Collaborating with hotels, restaurants and other creative economy sectors which will soon be launched.

“We also use social media intensively to share educational content such as animated videos to remind new habits that must be practiced in the new normal era such as wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping a distance with others. We also pack the beauty of Indonesia’s natural attractions as creative content that invites tourists to inspire, hoping to invite tourists to return to explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of the archipelago,” Nia concluded. []