THE airline Wings Air flies back to serve the route of Kualanamu Airport in Medan (North Sumatra) to Sultan Malikussaleh Airport, North Aceh (NAD). Previously, Wing Air stopped commercial flights as the number of passengers decreased due to the corona virus or COVID-19.

According to the Head of Administration, Sultan Malikussaleh Airport, North Aceh, Niswan, said that until 30 June 2020, Wings Air decided to only fly twice a week, Monday and Friday, because Wings Air still saw the number of passengers using the Lions Group airline. .

“Passengers are indeed few. For example, from Medan, on Friday, there were only 20 people from the 72-seat ATR aircraft owned by Wings Air. From North Aceh to Medan, only 50 seats. Not yet normal passengers like before COVID-19,” Niswan said.

He added, in fact, Wings Air had canceled flights because there were no passengers. COVID-19 health standards apply at the airport. Passengers who do not bring a corona rapid test result will be prohibited from flying.

“If there are no rapid test results, we forbid boarding the plane. The data is also the full address. So that the data makes it easier to track if passengers are exposed to the corona virus, “he said.

Niswan explained that Wings Air and Citilink have not confirmed that they will serve the route in July 2020. We are waiting for a letter from Wings Air and Citilink, whether to fly in July. We also urge passengers to bring rapid test results if they want to board the plane.

“If you do not bring it, sorry we forbid to get on the plane. Previously reported, Wings Air and Citilink stopped flying from Kuala Namu to Malikussaleh. Because the number of passengers continues to decline from time to time as the corona virus spreads,” he concluded. [ special]