MEETING, Incentives, Convention & Exhibition (MICE) industry in facing the New Normal era in the local area must be able to innovate, including offering the MICE concept in open space.

According to Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati said thus, Bali could remain superior. Especially with the friendliness of Balinese residents, the implementation of MICE is guaranteed to take place safely and natural beauty that inspires MICE participants.

“I believe that MICE activities in the open space by implementing health protocols that are in accordance with international standards will make Bali still the best MICE destination in the world. Bali has one of the superior products, namely MICE tourism. The success of Bali in organizing MICE cannot be separated from the support of several factors such as the number of room accommodations, meeting rooms/venues, and other supporting infrastructure facilities that are adequate,” he said.

He added, besides that, the Balinese hospitality and the beauty and natural peace of the Island of the Gods also helped push Bali as a world MICE destination. Several congresses or world-level meetings that have been held in Bali and have been successful include APEC 2013, IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting 2018 and other international conferences.

“However, with the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading in almost all countries in the world, several MICE activities that have been planned to be held in Bali such as the Asia Pacific City Summit and Mayors, the International Conference on Human Rights and Human Dignity, the World Climate Summit implementation,” he noted.

He explained, COVID-19 has given birth to a new culture called the New Normal era. So, so that Bali can take part in this New Normal era, there are several requirements/protocols that must be met, namely meeting hygiene standards, meeting health standards and meeting safety standards.

By looking at the strength and potential of Bali in the implementation of MICE in recent years, inevitably Bali must follow what is required in the provisions of the health protocol, including the innovation of holding MICE in open space.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio in his remarks expressed his optimism that MICE in Bali will rise again. The economic potential of organizing MICE is very high and becomes a strategic part of tourism.

“Therefore, it needs to be prepared as well as possible, as carefully as possible regarding the SOP of the implementation of MICE. The first step that must be taken is to formulate the protocol” The New Normal MICE “and combine it with innovation, as well as by offering different things and supported by the implementation of a protocol that is discipline and detail,” Wishnutama affirmed.

In addition, he continued, sanctions must be prepared for those who violate them. Then it will create a sense of security and comfort when visiting Bali. I am optimistic that Bali tourism will rise and MICE will become a “core” of foreign exchange tourism. [antaranews/photo special]