LION Air and Batik Air, part of Lion Air Group, claim to continue working to improve aircraft sterilization and cleaning procedures. This is indicated by the sterilization of Boeing 737-800NG and Boeing 737-900ER jet aircraft.

According to Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group, the airline ensures health and safety for passengers, flight crew, technicians, ground handling officers and other related employees, in conducting flight operations that meet the elements that do not cause the spread COVID-19.

“Lion Air Group’s efforts are in accordance with the recommendations of the Boeing aircraft manufacturer which is carried out based on a security and safety approach that is constantly being improved and renewed in the aviation industry including a system that has been proven to help maintain cabin cleanliness,” he said in a press release on Monday (6/29) .

Danang added, one of the systems is air filtering that is available on all Boeing aircraft. Air filtration systems rely on the ability of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters or strong particle filtering. The system works to filter and re-circulate from the cabin and mix it with clean air from outside the aircraft.

“HEPA filters are claimed to work effectively with a 99.9% rate of eliminating particles such as viruses, bacteria and fungi before the air is re-distributed (circulation) to the cabin. The circulation of air in planes equipped with HEPA takes place quickly,” he said.

He explained thus, fresh air circulation in the cabin was updated 20 to 30 times in an hour or every two to three minutes, so that passengers would feel good and confident to fly.

“The installed technology devices and various preventive measures from Lion Air Group will provide optimism that air travel is slowly starting to return. With hope, passengers can start the journey without hesitation, because there is a coordinated system designed to help keep safe from the COVID-19 pandemic,” he noted.

Danang affirmed that other technology that makes air quality in the cabin safe is the composite material in the aircraft cabin that allows maintaining humidity thereby reducing the effects of dehydration, dry and non-rusting conditions such as metals under high humidity.

“The aircraft cabin is designed to be able to maintain a humidity of approximately 25%, an increase when compared to the previous series aircraft which is equal to 20%,” he finished. [antaranews/photo special]