STARBUCK Coffee Japan opens its shop at Nonowa National Store, Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan, on Saturday (6/27), which will fully use sign language as a general language for its services.

This is not the first for Starbucks to create a store with hearing impaired employees and use sign language as the primary means of communication. Two stores are in Malaysia, one in the United States, and one in China.

“Until now, we have organized ‘Sign Language Cafe’ and ‘Sign Language Coffee Seminars’, which are planned and operated independently by partners with hearing loss,” Starbucks said.

Meanwhile, Nonowa National Store also introduced a digital watch that was originally developed for employees to convey information using letters and vibrations. It has functions like calling distant partners and timer functions for businesses.

“Fingerprints are also embroidered on partner aprons. When ordering, we also support sign language and writing, and we also have a menu table to show orders,” Starbucks said.

A digital signage will be installed where the product will be picked up, and the retrieval number will be displayed and sign language such as greetings will also be introduced.

There are also works of art from Hidehiko Kadomo that are displayed in the shop. He draws works with sign language and animal motifs that use sign language.

One of the quietest Starbucks stalls in the world is also issuing entry tickets numbered online and in stores directly to outsmart the queue to prevent transmission of corona virus infection.

Employees will also wear a face shield made of transparent material to make it easier to read mouth movements and facial expressions. [antaranews]