THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy welcomes the publication of BUMBU, the first digital magazine in French on culinary culture and gastronomy in Indonesia. This digital magazine is published and distributed online in France from July 1, 2020 and can be downloaded for free.

According to the Deputy of Marketing for the Ministry of Tourism, Nia Niscaya in her statement on Tuesday (6/30) said that the presence of BUMBU magazine could be a means of promoting Indonesian tourism through culinary diplomacy. As is well known, Indonesia is indeed known as one of the countries producing spices. This makes Indonesian cuisine widely known for its distinctive taste.

“Some Indonesian specialties are also included in CNN’s most delicious food in the world in 2017. Rendang is number 1, fried rice is number 2 and satay is in position 14. We have many types of food or culinary that have extraordinary taste. Certainly not inferior when compared with culinary delights from other countries. The presence of this magazine is one of Indonesia’s tourism promotion tools which is expected to attract the interest of French tourists to visit Indonesia,” Nia Niscaya said.

She added, especially in the current situation, where interstate tourist movements were still closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Through this magazine it is hoped that it can become a soft diplomacy on tourist attractions in Indonesia.

“Thus Indonesian tourism is expected to be a ‘top of mind’ in the choice of prospective tourists, especially France,” Nia Niscaya noted.

The digital magazine BUMBU in French is the result of a collaboration between Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO) France and the BUMBU team in Indonesia. This magazine is distributed and intended for French people who want to know Indonesian cuisine and gastronomy.

BUMBU is an independent digital culinary magazine with the concept of raising various culinary stories from the public. These stories can be mosaic pieces that illustrate how life culinary culture in Indonesia. BUMBU Magazine was born with the aim of promoting the traditions and culinary culture of Indonesia, also to show the evolution of world cuisine in Indonesia.

“The stories raised by BUMBU can be a glimpse of the face of society and culinary in Indonesia,” said Eka Moncare, as the person in charge of BUMBU magazine in France which is also the French VITO.

By including personal stories in culinary writings at BUMBU, she continued culinary dynamics can be narrated as things that do not stand alone but are closely related to the community. Hopefully, BUMBU will become an entry point for culinary culture in Indonesia to be known by the people of France, as a world gastronomic country. []