THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy invites musicians to continue to work and enhance creativity in new normal times.

According to the Acting Deputy for Resources and Institutional Affairs of the Ministry of Tourism, Frans Teguh, in a virtual talkshow “ORKESMU” (Creative Chat Around Music) titled Keep Cool Music in the Adaptation Period New Habits say creativity and innovation are the strength of human resources.

Frans explained, honing innovation and creativity of art workers, in this case musicians, has always been a priority of the Ministry of Tourism in efforts to develop and improve the quality of creative economy human resources. We have a vision of presenting creative and great people who contribute to cultural development activities, especially in creative work.

Therefore, continued Frans, the Ministry of Tourism continues to support the arts workers to continue to innovate and develop creativity. One of them is by implementing virtual music performances in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Virtual is definitely something very important, but honing this feeling requires excellent work from all stakeholders. Tourism Ministry also prepared a health protocol that prioritizes the principles of Cleanliness, Health & Safety Environment (CHSE) so that promoters of music shows, musicians, and music lovers can enjoy concerts in the open while maintaining themselves to avoid contracting COVID-19,” Frans noted.

This discussion presented speakers from musicians and music promoters. They are the Gigi Band Guitarist, Dewa Budjana; composer Tya Subiakto; senior music journalist and founder of Slank newspaper, Buddy Ace; and CEO of Deteksi Production, Harry Koko and Toar RE Mangaribi as the moderator.

Buddy Ace assesses that in order to develop creativity in the work, a musician must highlight his cultural identity that can distinguish it from other musicians.

“If we want to compete with Korea, we must strengthen the identity of cultural roots, that is the meaning that develops into a brand,” said Buddy.

Meanwhile, Tya Subiakto invites musicians to always innovate and not be rigid in their work. Not only that, Tya also invited musicians to change their perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic from a disaster into an opportunity.

“We must address disasters as opportunities. Hopefully we can all survive and rise and face it with what is in us. Let’s hone our skills, let’s take advantage and look for sustenance in our field that is creative, “said Tya.

On this occasion, Harry Koko also provided input on the application of health protocols that can be applied in conducting music concerts in the new normal times. The input is the preparation of a health protocol compliant statement signed by a concert visitor.

“During the adaptation of this new habit, in addition to the health protocol, ticket buyers are also told to make a statement so that the promoter wants to be regulated. If they do not comply with the health protocol, we will show proof of the statement they have signed, “said Harry.

At the same occasion, the Director of Creative Economy HR Development, Muh. Ricky Fauziyani added, in the future it would continue to present similar events in an effort to increase the capacity of human resources, especially in the creative economy sector.

“Every activity will be made as an offline seminar by giving a ‘stage’ to the artists. Not only as an attraction in the event, but also provides opportunities for art workers to keep working in the midst of a pandemic,” Ricky Fauziyani concluded. []