AZNOM Automotive Italia and Camal Studio, work together to develop a futuristic luxury car concept. Aznom Palladium car that has been developed since 2 years ago will debut next September.

The vehicle, named Aznom Palladium, was dubbed the unconventional all-terrain luxury. The dimensions are large, the length is almost six meters, the concept of interbreeding a big sedan with a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

Quoted from CarsCoops not long ago, the car has a front end that is almost similar to Rolls Royce, especially on the grille and also the lights. When viewed from the side, the vehicle has a very controversial look because it accentuates the muscles, which is unusual in a luxury sedan.

As for the rear, the Palladium features a striped rear light, but extends from the left to the right. There is also a large diffuser that combines the two mufflers.

According to the manufacturer, the luxury car uses a twin turbo V8 engine that produces power up to 671 hp. Many people think that Palladium comes with 2WD as well as 4WD, although the company hasn’t provided more information about this.

Aznom Palladium has been made since two years ago. Now it has entered the final stages of production. The Palladium debut will be held in September. [antaranews/photo special]