LOUIS Vuitton chose the streets of Shanghai as a location to launch his latest men’s fashion collection, rather than in Paris, France.

According to Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director, Virgil Abloh said the spring collection of 2021 will be launched in Shanghai on August 6 and in Japan afterwards. Both will be open to the general public and will be broadcast live.

The announcement came after Abloh made a mix of live action with animated films for the men’s fashion week in Paris, which was held online for the first time because of the corona virus pandemic.

In the first film footage titled “Message in a Bottle”, Abloh shows a character called “Zoooom” and his friends are packing a crate at the Vuitton headquarters, on the edge of the French capital, and putting it on a barge on the Seine River before waving their hands in journey to the Far East.

Abloh, as the first black American Creative Director for Louis Vuitton also revealed that he was pushing for greater sustainability in the Vuitton collection, while under his auspices.

Abloh, who also founded the Off-White streetwear label, said the Vuitton collection this time will involve recycled materials to create his latest creations.

“The following performance is probably the biggest jump I made in terms of proposing a new system, how the system lives and operates,” she told the Women’s Wear Daily website.

Some experts in the fashion business say Asia is the most important market for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. China alone is predicted to contribute almost half of sales by 2025. [antaranews/photo special]