THE government’s plan to incentivize the aviation industry through state official civil service travel to reach IDR4.1 trillion was responded to by the airlines, in fact, the airline warned there were other incentives that were more needed.

According to Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Danang Mandala’s Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group, the expected flight stimulus is able to provide relief to business operators (airlines), not in the form of additional boost in the number of passengers.

“The stimulus includes, among others, a value added tax of 10% of the cost of aviation fuel or fuel being eliminated, an import duty on airplane spare parts being zero,” he said.

Furthermore, according to him, other incentives are more meaningful, namely the relaxation of the cost of renting at the airport, such as the cost of the room, landing fee, parking fee)and others. I also asked for relief and easing of flight route costs (route charge).

He also asked for easing of other rules, such as relaxation or delaying payment of contributions

Social Security Administrator Body (BPJS) without being charged a penalty and the ease of financial loans (funds) with very low interest. This can be used for operations.

On the other hand, Garuda Indonesia’s Managing Director Irfan Setiaputra chose not to comment much on the incentive for the official travel. As for occupancy, Garuda Indonesia still has not found its best performance, because with a passenger limit of 50% capacity, passenger transportation every month has not reached the maximum capacity.

Garuda Indonesia has a total of 695,780 passengers, both domestic and international in March 2020, while the maximum capacity is 1.5 million. In April, the number of passengers dropped dramatically to 72,188 with a maximum capacity of 287,660 passengers.

Meanwhile, in May 2020, Garuda passengers reached 31,625 passengers from a maximum capacity of 92,276 passengers. In June, the total number of passengers was 80,395 with a maximum capacity of 188,220 passengers. [antaranews/photo special]