THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy supports the request of the Baduy people to limit the visit of tourists who come to the Baduy village in Kanekes Village, Lebak Regency, Banten.

According to the Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism’s Destination and Infrastructure Development, Hari Santosa Sungkari, in his visit to Kanekes Village, said that visitors who want to visit Kanekes Village or who want to visit the Baduy tribe village must respect and obey the existing customary rules.

“We embrace Sustainable Tourism. It means that we keep (tourists) from coming in a lot, while maintaining the balance of the physical and cultural environment so that the culture still exists, the physical remains sustainable,” Hari said.

On this occasion, the Representative of the Baduy Tribe, Uday Suhada, expressed the desire of the Baduy Tribe to change the term Baduy Cultural Tourism to Saba Baduyyang Culture which was actually coined and written in the Saba Budaya village regulation in 2007.

“This Saba means friendship, mutual respect and respect between each other’s customs. Above all, look after each other and protect the values ​​that develop and live in the local community and the people who come to visit,” Uday noted.

The same thing was also added by one of the traditional elders of the Baduy Dalam tribe, Mursid. He requested that the rules of Saba Baduy culture be more clarified and optimally socialized.

“We hope (Saba culture) the rules will be clarified. Which are the permitted and non-permissible routes to go to Baduy Village, and what is allowed and may not be done,” Mursid said.

Mursid also provided input to establish an information center on the Baduy tribe outside the traditional villages. So, prospective visitors who want to visit the Baduy Indigenous Area can learn in advance what the customs are and explain the purpose of their arrival.

This was welcomed by Hari. He said that his party would accommodate all the aspirations that had been conveyed by representatives of the Baduy tribal elders.

Hari also considered the plan to make the application as an information center and registration facility for tourists who want to visit the Baduy Tribal Area.

“This can take the form of applications later. So who comes when you want to come when it exceeds (the visitor’s limit) there will be a notification that the capacity is over. So that we don’t repeat there are thousands of people who don’t necessarily benefit,” Hari added.

On the same occasion, the Regent of Lebak, Iti Octavia Jayabaya, expressed his support for all efforts to preserve the culture of the Baduy as a sustainable tourism destination. The Lebak Regional Government has so far continued to consolidate with the Baduy Tribe community in the efforts of the Baduy Cultural Saba.

“Currently we are in the process of providing land near the Baduy village to be used as an Information Center so that tourists know more about Baduy culture in general and information on Saba Baduy activities in particular, before entering the Baduy Village,” he concluded. []