THE Central Java Provincial Government has now re-operated 208 of the 690 closed tourist attractions associated with the pandemic corona.

According to the Head of the Youth and Tourism Office of Central Java Province, Sinung N. Rachmadi explained that for those who applied for permission to re-open there were 50 tourist attractions. Fifty tourist attractions are conducting a simulation as well as several stages to re-operate.

“Now there are 208 tourist attractions that are back in operation, of course, with health protocols that are carried out strictly to tourists and employees. Meanwhile, 50 other tourist attractions are still doing simulations,” Sinung said.

He added, the Tourism Office is now focusing on simulating tourist attractions to resume operations with strict health protocols. I also ordered that all tourist villages simulate health protocols and upload them to social media so they can be directly monitored by the government.

“We will give gifts to the most unique and interesting tourist villages, when uploading health protocol simulations on social media. In addition to simulations, each tourist site in each region must communicate with the COVID-19 task force regarding plans to reopen ,” he noted.

He explained, we hope that every tourist site should not rush to operate again, do the simulation first and ask for recommendations from the COVID-19 task force. The Tourism Office does not recommend that any tourist sites reopen, if the area is still in the red zone category of COVID-19 distribution.

“It’s clear, for those who are still in the red zone, tourist attractions may not be open. If for the green and yellow zones, they are still allowed, of course, by paying attention to strict health protocols,” he concluded. [ special]