MICRO small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are asked to take advantage of digital technology so that it can open up greater market opportunities in the midst of this pandemic.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio the COVID-19 pandemic made the digital era accelerate faster than it should. This pandemic forced almost everyone to transform their activities into digital platforms.

“The government itself, together with many ministries/institutions, initiated the national campaign for the Indonesian-Made Shopping movement, one of which aims to encourage MSMEs to transform from the offline to the online market by utilizing technology,” he said.

He added, we are thankful for being the first to start the Proudly Made Indonesia national campaign through the Beli Kreatif Lokal (Local Creative Buy) program that we initiated. At present the Ministry of Communication and Information continues through the ‘Kita Bela Kita Beli’ program.

In the Local Creative Buy program, Wishnutama said that Tourism Ministry provided various assistance to improve the competence of MSME entrepreneurs to enter the digital platform. Among them provide training on making interesting commercial content. Then help activate the MSME social media, create an online group with a companion to help with financial planning, stocking, and opening channels to get demand, and others.

“As well as the Government Incentive Assistance program with a total of Rp 24 billion in funds allocated. From the millions of MSMEs who joined, curation had been carried out on 500 creative economic actors and would continue. It is hoped that with these various supports and facilitation, MSME actors can onboard in 6 e-commerce partners and 3 online transportation service partners as a form of digital transformation,” he noted.

He explained that for this reason, I hope that SMEs can take advantage of this opportunity well. With the transformation to digital, MSME marketing will run faster and reach more broadly. So that it can accelerate the rotation of the economic cycle, improve people’s purchasing power, and ultimately encourage a post-epidemic economic revival.

Every crisis has an opportunity, he continued, again I say, let us take advantage of this opportunity. The government is working hard and continues to strive to create opportunities in this pandemic. Therefore let us take advantage of this created opportunity.

“It is hoped that all of this can bring the enthusiasm of all of us to do our best during this pandemic. Once again I remind you that in every crisis there is always an opportunity. And let us together take advantage of this opportunity,” Wishnutama finished. []