THE Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) seeks to maintain the existence of Indonesian tourism in the Thai and Indochina markets.

One of the efforts was carried out by holding an international online seminar specifically for the Thai and Indochina markets in order to maintain a connection to the international market and prepare themselves to face the era of adaptation of new habits through the application of health protocols in the tourism sector and the creative economy.

According to the Director of Regional Tourism Marketing I of Tourism Ministry, Vincent Jemadu, said the seminar was held at the initiation of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to strengthen Indonesian tourism in a new normal era and promote Indonesian destinations to a wider public abroad.

“This is a step by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to ensure that Indonesia’s tourism is maintained in the Thai and Indochina markets, so it must continue to work closely with tourism industry partners. Indonesia provides the latest information to industry players in Thailand and Indochina related to what has been done by Indonesia to prepare tourist destinations in welcoming foreign tourists,” Vincent said.

He added, from the data of the Central Statistics Agency, foreign tourist arrivals in May 2020 decreased by 86.90% compared to the number of visits in May 2019. The data shows the challenges we must face. The pattern of tourist demand has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tourists will prioritize health and safety during the tour. Therefore, Tourism Ministry made various efforts, ranging from internal and external efforts. One of our external efforts is the promotion of the InDOnesia CARE (I DO CARE) campaign which focuses more on the Hygiene, Healthy, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocol in each destination, for example in Yogyakarta,” Vinsesius noted.

He explained, the Special Region of Yogyakarta and its surroundings was chosen because it was a favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists from Thailand and Indochina and chose Yogyakarta because of the similarity of culture, food, and the similarity of beliefs held by the Thais and Indochina people.

This international online seminar presented two speakers namely, Director of Marketing and Services of PT. Taman Hetty Herawati Tourist Park and Miramar Service Thailand Operational Manager Prinya Patharaphum.

Meanwhile the Director of Marketing and Services of PT. Candi Tourism Park, Hetty Herawati, explained that Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko Temple Tourism Parks have made various readiness in implementing health protocols in the new normal era.

“Tourists who want to enter the tourist destinations of the Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko temples will be checked for body temperature, are required to use masks, wash their hands, do physical distancing, and buy tickets online. We have made an overall update in the area of ​​Candi Tourism Park by applying health protocol standards and we are ready to welcome tourists who will come. Because the health and safety of tourists is our priority,” Hetty said.

Likewise, the Operations Manager of Miramar Service Thailand, Prinya Patharaphum, emphasized that Borobudur and Prambanan Temples are also one of the main tourist desitinations for Thai tourists. Therefore, it is important for the manager of the tourist distination to prepare a health protocol during the adaptation of this new habit.

“In addition to visiting Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Thai tourists will also target local culinary and shopping areas such as Malioboro Street, so these sectors should also prepare themselves to welcome domestic and foreign tourists, especially tourists from Thailand,” Prinya concluded. [ special]