GARUDA Indonesia ensures that it will not disadvantage customers who have miles points, whether exchanged for tickets or not, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Garuda Indonesia’s President Director, Irfan Setiaputra said Garuda’s will guarantee customer miles points will not be forfeited. Moreover, the airline is currently struggling to restore passenger confidence.

“Even the cheapest tickets we will change the schedule to be flexible. We offer the time and we don’t want to blame. Mile Points are rewards in the form of points that airlines will give when passengers make transactions. Meanwhile, the prestige of air transportation is inferior to land transportation,” he said.

He added, Garuda Indonesia had prepared a number of steps, namely setting the distance of seats in the plane so that passengers felt safe and comfortable. The company also regulates ticket flexibility for prospective passengers.

Passengers, he continued, can change flight dates without additional costs. Especially in this pandemic, all conditions are not certain.

Irfan admitted the level of airline passenger occupancy in recent times was still minimal. The movements recorded per day have not even touched 50% of the total capacity provided.

“People who use airline services are those who have urgent needs or official duties. However, to optimize aircraft utility, the company optimizes the transportation of goods. At present there are more than ten special aircraft that fly logistics,” he concluded. [ special]