EAST, the business lifestyle hotel brand under Swire Hotels has unveiled a new statement ‘Where It All Starts’, with a fresh look under the new branding campaign, rolling out in July across the brands’ social media and digital platforms.

Named after the place where the sun rises, EAST is all about bringing bright ideas and boundless energy in work and play because here is where it all starts. Created 10 years ago with the first EAST hotel In Hong Kong, the brand was ahead of its time before there were co-working spaces or creative business hotels.

Now with the changing scene in the world of business and travel, the brand faces a more competitive landscape where business travellers have more choices. It’s important to stand out and capture a place in the hearts of our guest and the brand campaign “Where It All Starts” seeks to accentuate EAST’s positioning as a business playground perfectly suited to today’s world where work and play blend seamlessly together.

“We need strong brand foundations to guide future expansion. To be the fastest-spreading global idea and brand and to live outside the boundaries of our competitors.” says Dean Winter, Swire Hotels Managing Director.

Dean Winter added, EAST is adapted to the new business traveller experience in destinations like Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami, blurring the line between business and leisure and enabling authentic experiences through art and design. At EAST, creating spaces that effectively accommodate guests at various points of life or of the day is an important element.

“Examples of this would be the Domain spaces at EAST hotels which function as cafés, meeting spaces, co-working zones and early evening bars; Sugar the rooftop bar is a must-go nightspot for guests as well as locals and BEAST with well-equipped gym, pool and wellness programmes to help keep our guest fit,” he concluded. []