THE management of PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri, a private airline owned by an East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) businessman based in Kupang, resumed the Kupang-Lewoleba flight route starting on August 2, 2020 after being stopped since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Regional Manager of PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri NTT, Bepit Bartels said this decision was taken by TransNusa because prospective aircraft passengers who have increasingly understood the requirements of air travel according to Circular Letter from the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Number: BU.550/08/DISHUB/2020 About Document Free Health/COVID-19 Free for Travel Players.

“Since 22 June 2020 TransNusa has resumed operations in eight of the 13 cities in the island-based province and continues to evaluate other cities in accordance with the current situation. The flight routes to Kupang-Lewoleba-Kupang will operate four times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday,” he said.

He added, TransNusa also continued to provide free baggage allowance of up to 10 kg for all passengers. TransNusa continues to prioritize health protocols and procedures in force during the adaptation of this new habit.

“Referring to the NTT Governor Circular Letter Number: BU.550/08/DISHUB/2020 concerning Free Medical Documents/Free COVID-19 For Travel Players, then as air transport organizers inform the completeness of these flight requirements to prospective passengers, especially in NTT,” Bepit Bartels noted.

He explained, the completeness of flight requirements that had to be prepared by prospective passengers was to show identification card (KTP) or other valid identification such as passports and driver’s licenses. We also require prospective passengers to comply with the provisions during flight preparation and processes, such as washing hands, wearing masks, and following the safe distance rules. [sources/photo special]