PRESIDENT Director of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk. Irfan Setiaputra emphasized that PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk. It never closes its flight services to international routes. But what is done is to reduce the frequency adjusted to the level of demand rather than close the operational route.

“That’s why I like to press if someone asks that Garuda has started flying again. After all, we have never stopped flying. Operations always run,” he explained.

Irfan also said that Garuda’s experience of flying to Bangkok despite his departure had no passengers at all and when returning only brought dozens of repatriated passengers. In fact, the Bangkok government also imposes strict restrictions.

“Only Garuda wants it, including to Bali when normally 16 flights per day become one flight with only 15 passengers. The reason is that Garuda is also responsible for servicing repatriation flights,” Irfan noted.

He added, however, during his visit Irfan also explained that the current condition of revenue and flight decreases was up to 90% and had the aircraft grounded up to 75%. In addition, the decline in income occurred due to the cancellation of flights for the pilgrimage and Umrah. [ special]