CATHAY Pacific has launched Cathay Care, introducing improved precautions at every stage of the trip, from check-in to cabin, so passengers can fly in peace.

According to Chris Bowden, Cathay Pacific Country Manager Indonesia said at Cathay Pacific, we are committed to always prioritizing the health and safety of all our passengers, cabin crew and staff. We understand safety concerns and we have introduced a number of enhanced preventive measures at each stage of the trip, from check-in to inside the cabin so they can fly in peace.

“The measures implemented include check-in and boarding without contact, health protocols at check-in, the obligation to wear face coverings during flights, and strict stay rules for cabin crew. All aircraft are also equipped with HEPA filters which guarantee the highest air quality that can be achieved and eliminate 99.999% of air contamination,” he said.

Chris Bowden explained Cathay Pacific prioritizes passengers on the plane by requiring face shields during the flight, ensuring that all passengers have checked body temperatures, as well as closing seats if possible.

“Cathay Pacific has also reorganized service flow and sanitation to ensure that passengers are protected in the air, with comprehensive sanitation on all surfaces in the cabin environment, providing modified and designed dining services to reduce contact with cabin crew, and temporarily closing snack services and drinks that have been provided before,” he noted.

He added, all aircraft were also equipped with HEPA filters which eliminated 99.999% air contamination. In addition, all filters also recirculate air every two minutes with performance equivalent to filters used in hospital operating rooms and clean rooms in industrial areas to maintain clean air quality.

“But most importantly, Cathay Pacific cabin crew are required to follow safety procedures to protect the health of all passengers on board by wearing masks, gloves and protective goggles provided for all cabin crew members, as well as implementing strict stay rules including no contact with the community local and strict health surveillance,” Chris Bowden concluded.

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