WELCOMING the 75th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia and the 11th birthday of Tokopedia, the biggest book bazaar in the world Big Bad Wolf is back online on 7-17 August 2020.

According to AVP of Business Tokopedia, Jessica Stephanie through her official statement said Big Bad Wolf came with a mission to promote reading culture early on, increase reading interest, and provide access to obtain good reading books for all groups so as to increase literacy and educate the nation.

“Enthusiasm is very high from the people of Indonesia in following the Big Bad Wolf online book bazaar on April 27-May 3 and June 24-30 and pushed Tokopedia and Big Bad Wolf to bring back Big Bad Wolf for the third time,” she said.

Meanwhile President Director of Big Bad Wolf Indonesia, Uli Silalahi said that with the existence of Big Bad Wolf online, all Indonesian people can access quality books so as to increase children’s knowledge.

“With the Big Bad Wolf Online Book Bazaar in Tokopedia, Indonesian children are expected to be more fond of reading so that later our children can be free from ignorance, more critical and not easily provoked because they have knowledge, because books are a window to the world,” said Uli.

Big Bad Wolf this time was more lively because the number of books that were presented was doubled, there was a bazaar activity, a book review contest with prizes, discounts and free shipping throughout Indonesia.

“The public on this occasion can enjoy a greater choice of books and attractive offers to support reading activities with the family while at home while increasing literacy, and education in general, through the use of technology,” Jessica concluded . [special photo]