GENERAL Company Aviation Navigation Service Provider, known as AirNav Indonesia, launched the Airnav Electronic Aeronautical Chart (Nav-Earth) application as an effort to become part of the increasingly sophisticated global Air Navigation scenario.

According to AirNav Indonesia’s Managing Director M Pramintohadi Sukarno, in his statement in Jakarta, explained that Nav-Earth is a digital flight map application in real time to improve flight safety and efficiency.

“Thus, the presence of the NAV-EARTH application is expected to make it easier for external parties to access flight maps and aeronautical information that are integrated with NOTAM (Notice to Airmen), ASHTAM (Volcanic Ash), and aviation meteorology in real time and accurately,” said Pramintohadi.

He explained, before the existence of Nav-Earth, flight map information was given in hardcopy. Likewise, information related to flight weather, NOTAM, and ASHTAM are provided to operators separately, so they cannot be applied on printed maps.

“With the presence of this Nav-Earth application, operators will get flight information in one container called” One Stop Shop Service,” Pramintohadi noted.

The presence of this application can directly improve the safety and efficiency of flight navigation in Indonesia. The NAV-EARTH application can be accessed at

He explained the launch of the NAV-EARTH application is also one of AirNav Indonesia’s efforts in implementing the User Preferred Route (UPR), an airspace management method with the concept of free-route airspace that produces alternative routes.

This route provides flexibility for airlines to determine their own most efficient route by considering wind direction and speed, potential turbulence, air temperature, and aircraft type and performance. Thus, it can increase the efficiency of air traffic (overfly) that crosses Indonesia’s air space.

In addition, Nav-Earth will also provide Drone Management System services so that drone operators can submit permits, recommendations and validate drone operations easily and efficiently. [photo special]