PT Management of Tourism Indonesia or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) through the Destination Management Organization (DMO) business line is developing KEK Singhasari, East Java, the tourist destination of Menjangan Island, North Bali, and the tourist destination of The Bakauheni, Lampung.

According to ITDC President Director Abdulbar M. Mansoer in his press release said, I was optimistic that the tourism sector would be able to sustain Indonesia’s economy in the future. Therefore, ITDC is committed to assisting the government in developing new tourist destinations in Indonesia so that later it can increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the country.

“One of the mandates from the government that we are working on is to develop a super priority destination for The Mandalika. To accelerate the development of The Mandalika, ITDC has built the area’s basic infrastructure and built public facilities to attract tourists and investors,” he said.

Abdulbar M. Mansoer added, from the investment side, The Mandalika has succeeded in attracting investment commitments of IDR23 trillion from investors. The largest investment comes from the Vinci Constructions Grand Project, which invests US$1 billion or the equivalent of IDR15 trillion (exchange rate of IDR15,000 per US dollar) in stages over 15 years to develop the sport and entertainment district.

“In order to increase the attractiveness of the area developed with this sportainment concept, ITDC will hold a MotoGP motorbike racing event starting in 2021 at the Mandalika International Street Circuit (Mandalika Circuit). The Mandalika Circuit built by ITDC is targeted to be completed in its entirety by June 2021,” he noted.

He affirmed that the development of The Mandalika is also expected to accelerate along with the strong funding support received by ITDC, namely from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in the form of a financing facility worth US$248.4 million or the equivalent of IDR3.6 trillion (1US$ = IDR14,500). The umbrella program for the Mandalika Urban & Tourism Infrastructure Project (MUTIP) and export financing from the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) through the National Interest Account (NIA) scheme with a total of IDR1.18 trillion.

“The development of The Mandalika has provided a large multiplier effect in the form of increasing tourist visits, creating jobs for local residents, developing businesses and infrastructure around tourist destinations. This encourages the development of the local economy around The Mandalika which is marked by the increasing number of restaurants and small and medium enterprises (UKM) around the area. Since ITDC has carried out intensive infrastructure development in the core zone of the area, there have been at least 10 new business units in the form of homestays, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores starting businesses in the West zone of the region. This number is believed to continue to increase in line with the ongoing regional development activities and projects, ”Abdulbar M. Mansoer added.

The development of The Mandalika is also estimated to be able to absorb nearly 5,000 local workers in stages over the next five years. In addition, The Mandalika area is also projected to be able to increase the GRDP level of the tourism sector in NTB. It is estimated that in 2045, with the development of The Mandalika, a GDP of around Rp. 18.8 trillion can be obtained, while without the development of Mandalika it will only be around Rp. 11.4 trillion.

Meanwhile, in The Nusa Dua area, ITDC continues to develop by improving regional infrastructure and increasing the number of hotels. In 2019, there were additional rooms at the Renaissance Hotel with 300 rooms and 88 villas, Shangri-La with 299 rooms and 40 villas, the Awarta Hotel with 28 rooms.

Based on data from the Ministry of Tourism in 2019, the number of foreign tourist visits to the Nusa Dua area reached 789,037 people or 12.65% of the total foreign tourist visits to Bali which amounted to 6,239,543 people. Meanwhile, Bali alone contributed 38.74% of the total foreign tourist visits in Indonesia. In terms of employment, in 2017, The Nusa Dua was able to absorb 10,713 workers, of which 8,730 were local Balinese workers.

Another ITDC task is an assignment from the Government to help oversee the acceleration of the development of priority destinations for KEK Likupang, North Sulawesi and Labuan Bajo, NTT. The development of Labuan Bajo, especially the Tana Mori area, is to welcome the G-20 Summit and Asian Summit in 2023. From this assignment, it is hoped that ITDC will be able to develop the Tana Mori area into a high-end tourist area such as The Nusa Dua. [ special]