THE Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) is committed to helping revive the tourism sector across the archipelago after starting to reopen its activities to receive tourist visits.

According to the Chairman of the Central Executive Board (BPP) of HIPMI Mardani H Maming, said we are positive and happy that the tourism sector is slowly rising. Of course many HIPMI member entrepreneurs have also risen in this sector.

According to him, it is time for the economy to be boosted again after being hit by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020. Likewise the tourism sector, I agree to continue to be encouraged to grow again so that it affects many other sectors.

“Tourism is quite central and can be a locomotive for the economic progress of a region. Because there will be many affected sectors that will naturally grow to follow suit. For example, transportation, hotels and so on,” said Mardani.

Chairman of the Central Executive Board (BPP) of HIPMI Mardani H Maming with the management while on a trip to Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara which has many beautiful natural destinations.

For this reason, he asked HIPMIi members throughout the country whose business was affected by the tourism sector either directly or indirectly, to be proactive in helping to promote the reopening of tourist objects in their respective regions.

“But of course it also provides education on the application of health protocols. Ensure that the public is obedient and disciplined in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while in tourist attractions,” he said.

As a form of support for the opening of tourism in Bali, BPP HIPMI has also held a meeting attended by 12 BPD HIMPI on the Island of the Gods to discuss a number of future agendas. Tourism in Bali has been open to domestic tourists since 31 July 2020. The movement of tourists per day reaches around 2,000 people. [antaranews/photo special]