TO increase the people’s appeal to fly back to the city of Gudeg (Yogyakarta), CEO of PT Citilink Indonesia, Juliandra admitted that his company has prepared a variety of affordable tour packages in collaboration with the city’s PHRI.

“Yogyakarta is very important for Citilink, because we have many flight routes there. Therefore, with PHRI we make airplane tickets for bundling tour packages including hotels,” he said.

Juliandra admitted that Citilink wanted to show the public that flying nowadays can be done safely and pleasantly.

“Because we carry out strict health SOPs, starting from ordering tickets digitally, at the airport, on the plane, until landing at the destination airport,” Juliandra noted.

Angkasa Pura II and AirNav Support
As supporting companies for airline operations, Angkasa Pura II and AirNav stated that they are ready to succeed the Safe Travel Campaign initiated by INACA.

Angkasa Pura II Director of Operations and Services, Muhammad Wasid, explained that the airport digitization program carried out by his company has minimized the level of interaction between passengers and officers at the airport.

“We want to ensure that all passengers can safely get home, after passing through the airport. With the digital experience of passengers, we want the confidence level of traveling by plane to increase. Whether for vacation or business,” said Wasid.

Meanwhile, AirNav’s Director of Safety, Security and Standardization, Bambang Riyanto, mentioned two types of flight navigation support provided by his company to make the campaign a success.

“Support from AirNav, we provide flight flexibility slots, as long as the airlines meet the requirements. It can also be user preferred route, or short-haul flights can also be served,” Bambang concluded. []