PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk opens 11 new domestic flight routes. The opening of the new GIAA route was opened on August 15, 2020.

According to the President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, the opening of a new route is to meet passenger demand. The 11 new routes opened are from Bandung, namely via Husein Sastranegara-Denpasar Airport (PP), Bandung through Husein Sastranegara-Medan (PP/round trip) Airport, Balikpapan-Berau (PP), Balikpapan-Makassar (PP), Balikpapan-Yogyakarta (PP), and Balikpapan-Banjarmasin (PP).

“Then, Makassar-Berau (PP), Makassar-Manado (PP), Banjarmasin-Yogyakarta (PP), Surabaya – Lombok (PP), and Yogyakarta-Palembang (PP). Garuda Indonesi offers business and economy class tickets for these routes,” he said.

He added, for example, tickets for the Surabaya-Lombok route for business class are priced at IDR1.43 million, while for economy class IDR733,000. The Balikpapan-Yogyakarta business class costs IDR1.41 million, while the economy class costs IDR1.15 million.

“Meanwhile, Balikpapan-Banjarmasih, business class tickets are priced at IDR1.249 million. Bandung-Denpasar for business class is charged IDR3.57 million. Garuda is also distributing discount promo on airplane ticket prices on the occasion of the Anniversary of Indonesia Independence Day. The discount is up to 45%. Promo ticket booking period can be done from Thursday, 6 August to 31 August 2020,” Irfan noted.

He explained again, the discount promo applies to the destinations of Bali, Lombok and Medan. For the economy class, for example, with the aim of Jakarta-Bali the economy class starts at IDR1.97 million (round trip), while the business class starts at IDR3.85 million. Meanwhile, Jakarta-Lombok for business class starts from IDR4.7 million (round trip), while for economy class IDR1.89 million.

“The ticket for the Jakarta-Labuan Bajo destination economy class (round trip) starts at IDR2,488 million, while the business class ticket starts from IDR5.61 million. Garuda Indonesia also ensures that health protocols run according to procedures until passengers arrive at their destination, such as wearing a mask, maintaining a minimum distance of two meters, and washing hands,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]