KUNINGAN Regency Government is widely known as a natural tourism paradise in West Java province. So that you could say Kuningan is one of the best and safest tourist destinations from the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The momentum for the Adaptation of New Habits also seems to be the best opportunity for Kuningan Regency to further promote itself as one of the best tourist destinations for domestic tourists.

The ‘Press Tour & Seminar Series: Bandung, Kuningan & Cirebon’ activity also brought members of the Tourism and Creative Economy Journalists Forum (Forwaparekraf) to visit Cibuntu Tourism Village, Kuningan which is one of the best community-based Tourism Villages in Indonesia.

According to the Head of Tourism Village, H. Awam said the Cibuntu Tourism Village now has a homestay and camping site so it is very suitable to be used as a family or corporate tourist destination. Cibuntu Tourism Village area is very well preserved and still managed by local parties traditionally.

“We are quite proud to be part of Cibuntu Tourism Village, which has an attraction not only because of the decoration that makes it beautiful, but because of the continuous development and commitment of the community in maintaining the existence of Cibuntu Tourism Village, which is the main strength. The Cibuntu Tourism Village community always maintains Sapta Pesona as a reference in managing the sustainability of this Tourism Village,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in his speech, Johan Sompotan as the Head of Forwaparekraf praised Cibuntu Tourism Village, which was once one of the best in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

“We are fascinated by the warm welcome of Cibuntu Tourism Village. Why did we choose Cibuntu Tourism Village, because this Tourism Village has implemented good health protocols, its condition is an outdoor tourism area so it has a low risk of spreading COVID-19 and of course it is ready to accept the presence of tourists from various places because its quality has been guaranteed. recognized in Indonesia and Southeast Asia,” he concluded. []