MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy supports the implementation of the 2020 Indonesia Corporate Travel and Mice (ICTM), as an effort to revive the economy by utilizing domestic Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibition (MICE) activities in the era of adaptation to new habits.

According to Deputy for Tourism Products and Events, Tourism Ministry, Rizki Handayani said that according to President Joko Widodo’s direction, the tourism sector must build quality tourism. Therefore, one form of implementation is MICE activities which are expected to be able to contribute to foreign exchange for the country.

Given this, the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with PT. Biztrips Teknologi Multimedia Solusi and PT. Global Mediacom Tbk initiated the Indonesia Corporate Travel and Mice 2020 activities for buyers and sellers in Indonesia.

“This activity aims to provide positive motivation for the Indonesian MICE industry to continue working in the midst of existing limitations. The implementation of ICTM is expected to be an arena to build the capacity and capability of MICE stakeholders by discussing with each other and expanding networking to gain new insights,” Rizki Handayani said.

She explained that so, the MICE sector will revive again and make Indonesia a MICE destination that is safe, comfortable and has a value proposition that can reach international competition. ICTM will be held in 5 cities, namely Jakarta, Bogor, Bali, Yogyakarta and Malang. From mid-September to the end of December 2020. There are five main programs, consisting of talk shows, seller workshops, buyers meet sellers, buyers exchange forums, gala dinners and post tours.

“However, in this year’s implementation, ICTM’s main focus is more on the business to business program which will bring together 30 buyers from large corporations in Indonesia with 30 sellers of MICE service providers in Indonesia. Not to forget, this activity is carried out by implementing strict health protocols,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Director of Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibition Tourism, Masruroh, said tourism was the sector most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because, the core business of tourism is the travel business. Especially in the MICE field, the main focus of its business is meetings. When no trips are made, there is no business interaction taking place.

Masruroh explained, currently there are two things that make buyers hesitate to travel. First, because it was very much affected by the pandemic to economic problems, so they could not travel or provide trip incentives for their employees. Second, because of fear to travel, afraid to travel.

“These two things are what we are facing in the tourism sector. For this reason, through this activity, we also continue to disseminate accessible and safe destinations according to standard health protocols based on Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE),” Masruroh added.

Likewise, according to the Founder & Event Director, Indonesia Corporate Travel and MICE, Johanes Chang said the support and cooperation from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and MNC Media as the official media partner in Indonesia is very important and meaningful for this platform and program and also for all colleagues in Indonesia. MICE industry.

“We hope that ICTM can become a good platform for all key stakeholders to connect, share with each other, accelerate the return to economic growth in Indonesia’s tourism sector,” Johanes concluded. []