AS an initiation and effort to restore the tourism sector and creative economy in one of Labuan Bajo’s super priority destinations in a period of adaptation to new habits, the Ministry of Tourism and Economy Kreati held a “Labuan Bajo Rebound” on Pede Beach, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

According to the Director of Regional Destination Development II at the Tourism Ministry, Wawan Gunawan, said the Government is committed to restoring tourist destinations in various areas after the COVID-19 pandemic. Including in Labuan Bajo, which is designated as one of the super priority tourism destinations.

“This is a momentum for the people in Labuan Bajo to revive. The government is paying serious attention to the development of the tourism sector and the creative economy. For this reason, people must seize these opportunities, in order to increase the trust of both domestic and foreign tourists,” he said.

Wawan also said that the rebound activity involved 60 tourism & creative economy workers related to the application of the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocol in various destinations. So that it is one of the efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism to revive tourism potential in Labuan Bajo.

“It needs public awareness to jointly maintain and care for sustainability. Because tourism is very closely related to cleanliness. I hope that not only today, the following days can also be maintained. Because the more it is preserved, the more welfare it is,” he noted.

The scope of rebound activities includes strengthening the Sapta Pesona program, revitalizing amenities by procuring CHSE supporting goods and supporting security devices. As well as technical guidance on 3A (attractions, accessibility and amenities) in each tourist destination in Labuan Bajo.

The Ministry of Tourism also dedicates supporting equipment and supplies such as hand washing stations, trash cans, brooms, masks, face shields, gloves, and signage (charm boards and appeal for tourism awareness).

Meanwhile, Head of the NTT Provincial Tourism Office, Wayan Darmawan, added that so far Labuan Bajo has been a pioneer in implementing health protocols. Because of the strength of tourism in NTT, there are only 2 hubs, namely Labuan Bajo and Kupang. This means that if the two cities are able to be disciplined in implementing health protocols, not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists will trust again and be ready to visit NTT.

“For that, we need to build a commitment to better hygiene, which is more than usual. Cleanliness is currently a challenge and momentum for the rise of tourism. In addition, we also need progressive and radical steps to make waste our main enemy,” he concluded. []