CURRENTLY, it will focus on three development and recovery programs for the tourism sector and creative economy in the 2021 budget year. The three programs referred to include management support programs, tourism and creative economy programs, and vocational education and training programs.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio, said that he would focus on three development and recovery programs for the tourism sector and the creative economy in the 2021 budget year. The three programs were presented as part of the Work Plan and Budget of the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy in 2021 and a number of activities and activities. programs to be implemented to restore Indonesian tourism to Commission X DPR RI.

“The Ministry of Tourism obtained approval for an indicative ceiling for 2021 amounting to IDR4,907,148,382,000. This budget ceiling is expected to improve the performance of tourism and the creative economy as well as to restore the tourism industry which has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Wishnutama said.

He added that the budget will also be allocated for strategic activities of the Ministry of Tourism in 2021. One of them is efforts to increase human resources through the development of Tourism Polytechnic in North Sulawesi and Central Java.

Wishnutama said that even during a pandemic, the construction of educational facilities is very important as an effort to improve the quality of human resources.

“Even though the pandemic is overshadowing us, carrying out development in the education sector is a long-term investment and we need to do this immediately. Regarding efforts to revive the tourism sector and the creative economy. The Ministry of Tourism has made several concrete efforts, such as four art performances that have been held since July 2020,” he noted.

The four are Drive in Concert ‘New Live Experience’ in Jakarta (29-30 August 2020), Bali Revival 2020 in Ubud (16-17 August 2020), Art Jog 2020 in Yogyakarta (8 August-10 October 2020), and Prambanan Jazz Online at Prambanan (18 July 2020). According to him, these four events received positive responses from the public and various media, both national and international.

“The festivals have also received positive responses in the international world. Of course, we hope this can help with positive perceptions of the implementation of health protocols in Indonesia,” Wishnutama affirmed.

In addition, he also mentioned that these four events were also the Ministry of Tourism’s efforts to empower domestic tourists to continue to visit and enjoy tourist destinations and enjoy entertainment in the form of art and music performances by implementing the Health protocol.

On the same occasion, Member of Commission X DPR RI, Andreas Hugo Pareira, reminded the Ministry of Tourism to prioritize the improvement of the welfare of the people around tourist destinations, especially residents who live around the five Super Priority Destinations (DSP).

“In the development of the Super Priority Destination area, I hope that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will also pay attention to the welfare of the community around the destination. I think this should be our common concern,” Andreas concluded. []